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I like Turtles

So last night at the monthly PUG photographer meeting, Casey Graham from I Do Photography talked about social media and how to use it and what it has become today.  It can be an amazing tool for you  to make a online presence and set yourself up as a leader in the community.  However she stressed how you have to be active.  Actively engaging in the online conversations.  Updating yourself.  Following others.  Getting involved.  She talked about how you can’t really just set up a blog, post once here and there and expect a following or readers.   A lot of the things she talked about I think we all know but it all depends on you and how comfortable you feel with getting yourself out there and connecting with others in the community.  One thing she stressed however was relevance.  Make sure what you respond  to or comment about is relevent.  Don’t just pop your head in and say “hi I am Casey and I am a wedding photographer”.  Make it relevant ……make it personable.  Which to me transcribes to…… MAKE IT REAL.  Mean it.  Anyway it was funny because the whole time she was talking about relevance I just kept thinking about this little video.  It’s an old one you have probably seen before.  Make your comments and tweets relevant and not random like this kid.  Although this kid cracks me up!

 So with that said I joined Twitter.  So who wants to follow this bird and tell her how to get to Sesame Street???

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October 19, 2009 - 7:16 pm Casey Graham - Hi Tina Bird! Thanks for blogging about this Can't wait to hear what you have to tweet. So great talking with you last week :)

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