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Category Archives: Personal

Katie Baldi Photography

This is my Katie.  My Vegas roomie. I met her last August at Jasmine Star Workshop.  We both were the only ones who did not stay at the hotel with everyone else.  She stayed at her friend’s home and I with my husband and children at my father’s home.  So we didn’t get that extra […]

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Where’s the Maytag man when you need him.

Actually I take that back.  He gives me the eebie jeebies.  Wasn’t he the chester on Different Strokes who tried to do inappropiate things to Arnold?  Yeah don’t want him.  I need a Whirlpool guy anyway.  Heck I will take the Slapchop guy if he can fix a front loading washing machine.  I am going […]

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Our weekend

We had the school hamster stay with us again this weekend.  My kids always have a blast when she gets to come home with us.  My daughter is doing very well with taking care of her and having the responsibility of a pet………….until today.  Miss Pixie was quietly watching TV with the kids, sleeping snuggly […]

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Sarah’s Fab Day

My lovely friend Sarah from SarahsFabDay was asked to do a style profile in the Arizona Republic. She has a great style and design blog.  Some of you may also know her as a contributor to TheInvitationLady blog.  One of the images I took of her made it to the YES Style Section of the paper on Friday […]

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Happy Love Day!

Friday I attempted some crafty treats for my daughter’s school party and I must say I  delivered!  I have to be honest and let you know I am NOT a baker!  I am an eyeballer when comes to a lot of things so when I bake which calls for preciseness, yeah not working.  Cooking is […]

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Caught ya!

…………with MY glitter lipgloss! You little rascal!

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Peas in a Pod {Arizona Family Photographer}

I did a quick shoot with my sister this past weekend.  It started to rain on us too!  But we waited it out and still had lots of fun and great shots.  My sister is such a natural.  Even though she is younger than me  I wanted to do everything with her. It was as if I […]

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Life’s simple pleasures

I caught this amazing gift this afternoon while doing my sister’s family session.  Amazing.

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N. E. R. D.

I have posted before that my husband is an avid reader.  He has been having problems with his eyes and headaches for awhile.  He’s totally like that episode of LOST when Sawyer got glasses, who by the way is my other BF.  So the doctor called yesterday and I went picked up his glasses for him.  […]

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Lightrail {downtown Tempe family photographer}

This session has been in the making for awhile now.  By the time we finally got a day set and a location, we get there and it was CLOSED!  And I hate changing things up.  I get really weird the day I have shoots.  My husband knows now to take the kids and leave me […]

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